The Elder Edda, the collection of Sagas and Poems illuminate our understanding of our culture revealing the deeper meanings of our popular holidays as Northern people. It speaks to our common sense showing the ancient roots of our widely held sensibilities.  

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Shane Orthmann Gothi 
Sami Noaidi, Sauna Meister, healer and Story Teller


Bringing Sea Sami indigenous wisdom through Joik and Galdor resonating with the tonal roots of our mother toungues awakening whispers we thought long forgotten. 

Starting with unofficial gatherings of family and friends around     forn sed, "old custom", which grew into regular ritual sauna and seasonal celebrations. Through the Eddas and Sagas there is an emphasis on life, death and rebirth, of action, reflection and change of the seasons and of the self. 


Inga Ulmer Githya

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Shamanic healer.


She enjoys giving energy healing and intuitive insight to both people and animals. As she dips into one’s energy when doing healing work, she is flooded with messages that come through for them. Working with her power animals, guides and angels, she works on the soul level. Let’s explore your energy field to give you the intuitive and healing insight you seek.