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Seasonal Blots

Join us as we celebrate our four seasonal holy days. Blot refers to the offerings our ancestors made to the Aesir and the Alvar. Falling around the equinoxes and the solstices we honor nature and each other with songs, poems and a hearty toast of mead. 

Next Blot: Midsummer Blot

7/10 4:30-8:00pm

4:30-5:00pm gather

5:00-5:45pm ritual by the Lake

6:00-8:00pm feasting and sembul

Lake Nokomis Community Center

2401 E Minnehaha Pkwy Minneapolis

Join us in hailing the return of summer. There will be a barbecue of burgers, ribs, hot dogs and whatever folx want to bring.

Workshops and Classes

We offer workshops and classes on Forn Sed both privately and in the community. Check here for upcoming events or contact us to schedule your own! 

Heathenry Lore and Spirituality The Edda's

Friday January 20th 


White Bear Meadery

1320 County Rd D Cir, St Paul, MN 55109

Join us as we continue our journey into the runes as we look at the Angle Saxon, Icelandic and Norwegian Rune Poems. No matter where you are on your journey with the runes there will be something for you! 


Crown Plaza Plymouth MN 

Heathen Hospitality Suite:

Open Sembul 

6:00pm 3/17 & 18

3:00pm 3/19

Rune Readings

8:00pm 3/17

4:00pm 3/18

1:00pm 3/19

Honoring Our Ancestors

Saturday March 18th


Being a drum and be prepared for a journey to visit the ancestors led by Gothi Shane Orthmann and helper Inga From.  

Evergreen Initiative

Take part in our efforts to create a sustainable future and protect our natural world. Evergreen, Idunagroana, means living in harmony with the natural world. Contact us to get involved!

Thought and Memory Productions


Expressing the Myths through puppet and mask theatre for all ages. Engaging young people in interactive workshops, classes and activities. We perform locally and are available for private events.

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