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Seasonal Blots

Join us as we celebrate our four seasonal holy days. Blot refers to the offerings our ancestors made to the Aesir and the Alvar. Falling around the equinoxes and the solstices we honor nature and each other with songs, poems and a hearty toast of mead. 

Next Blot: Freys' Blot

Friday  3/22

5:00-5:30pm Gather

5:30-6:00pm Ritual

6:00-8:00pm Potluck

Lake Nokomis Community Center

2401 E Minnehaha Pkwy Minneapolis

We will meet in the park building in the multi-purpose room. Daughters and Sons of Yta members will be hosting the potluck meal. Bring something if you are able or have dietary restrictions (our potluck food will not be vegetarian or gluten free). The ritual will be by Lake Nokomis so dress for the weather. Be prepared for an evening of story, song and community. 


Workshops and Classes

We offer workshops and classes on Forn Sed both privately and in the community. Check here for upcoming events or contact us to schedule your own! 

Paganicon Workshops:

Crossroads Paganicon 2024

March 15-17th

Daughters and Sons of Yta Gothi Shane Orthmann will be offering two workshops:

Ibn Fadlan: East Meets West Esoterica at 9:00am

The Good, the Bad, and the Wyrd at 9:30am Sunday

Heathenry Lore and Spirituality 

Friday 4/19


White Bear Meadery

1320 County Rd D Cir, St Paul, MN 55109

Join us for Celtic Women in the Icelandic Sagas. We will be looking specifically at the Laxdaela Saga and the Battle of Clontarf fragment from Njal's Saga. The relationship between the Celts and the Vikings is not one simply of war and slavery. In fact, the last High Queen of Ireland was supported by the Noresmen. That and much more at April's talk.

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